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Safeguarding Adults During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Safeguarding Adults During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

updated 22/12/2020

There is a great deal of information available in relation to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak already and the impact it has had on every part of our daily life, not least frontline services such as health, social care and police.

We have put a dedicated page together with information from our partners and other organisations from across the county in the hope that it provides a single point of access for anybody who is needing to seek information and resources in relation to safeguarding adults whilst the outbreak is ongoing and the measures remain in place from the UK Government.

We will continue to update this page with the most up to date information and guidance to help keep those adults most at risk safe.

Information & Advice during the Coronavirus Outbreak

For general information during the Coronavirus outbreak please refer to the UK Government advice and for specific service roles please refer to the appropriate section listed below under the drop down menu:

For the latest information, advice and measures during the Coronavirus outbreak visit:
Public Health England

For the latest county wide information and advice on the Coronavirus outbreak please visit NYCC dedicated Coronavirus page.

For the latest information and advice from a policing perspective on the Coronavirus outbreak please visit North Yorkshire Police’s website.

Information and advice for Health Clinicians and NHS managers during the Coronavirus outbreak is provided by NHS England. Advice for primary care, secondary care, and community, social care and ambulance services can be found on NHS England’s dedicated Coronavirus page.

If you are a member of the public looking for health advice, visit the NHS

North Yorkshire County Council is signposting to guidance on social distancing in different languages. To access the guidance, click here.

The Mental Health Foundation have produced guidance on how to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak.

To access the guidance visit the Mental Health Foundation page here.

Please visit the link below regarding the national guidance for domestic abuse support at this current time:
Coronavirus – Support for victims of domestic abuse

Accessible Guidance

Given the ever-changing nature of the situation relating to COVID-19 our partners and organisations are updating their information regularly so that it is in line with guidance and advice from the Government and PHE.

The NY Partnerships website has a dedicated webpage to coronavirus information with links to up to date guidance and information in accessible formats. You can visit the webpage here

Healthwatch have put together a list of links to Coronavirus advice and updates from a range of organisations, plus information in a variety of formats.
Healthwatch North Yorkshire – Coronavirus Information

Staying connected is very important in these difficult times, especially with many of us being advised to self-isolate. Healthwatch have put together this really helpful easy read guide with information for people with a learning disability and or autism & families as it is so important that we do try & stay connected through regular phone-calls and messages of support and information through social media
You’re Not Alone – Coronavirus easy read information

For the most up to date easy read information relating to Corona Virus please visit the Inclusion North website to learn how you can keep yourself and others safe. This information is regularly updated in line with government and Public Health England guidance
Inclusion North – Coronavirus easy read information

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS FT have put together an easy read guide to testing which you can find on our website here

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak means that life is changing for all of us for a while. We can’t connect with friends and family how we usually would and our everyday routine has been changed. It’s natural that this may cause you to feel anxious, stressed, sad, lonely or frustrated and so it is vital that we take care of our mental health and wellbeing.

Below are links to some helpful guides and advice about how to stay mentally fit and well during the pandemic.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak means that life is changing for all of us for a while. It may cause you to feel anxious, stressed, worried, sad, bored, lonely or frustrated.
It’s important to remember it is OK to feel this way and that everyone reacts differently. Remember, this situation is temporary and, for most of us, these difficult feelings will pass. The NHS have put together 10 tips to help if you are worried about coronavirus which you can see on their website here

Advice and information on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. You can view the easy read guide here

This guide provides advice on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
This guidance will be updated in line with the changing situation.
You can view the guidance here

Keeping Safe – Raising Awareness

Wash your hands of coronavirus scams! Read it. Share it. Prevent it.

The National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team has produced some helpful materials to help promote scam awareness around coronavirus (COVID-19) scams at this difficult time. The team has released a press release around criminals exploiting fears about coronavirus to prey on members of the public, particularly older and vulnerable people who are isolated from family and friends. Please share the resources below amongst your organisations, groups, communities and social media platforms.

To download the Coronavirus Social Media Pack click here

To download the Coronavirus scams awareness letter template click here

To download the Coronavirus scams Press Release click here

If you would like to become a Friend Against Scams you can attend a short awareness session in person or complete this online training.
After this session you will be asked to start taking action to take a stand against scams. This could be by talking to your neighbours, friends or family about scams or writing to your local MP asking them to promote scams awareness action by delivering key messages to prevent people from being scammed.
Course Contents
Chapter 1:   Why is learning about scams important? 
Chapter 2:   Types of Scams 
Chapter 3:   How to spot a victim… 
Chapter 4:   Anyone can be a scam victim… 
Chapter 5:   Spot the signs 
Chapter 6:   Top Tips – what can you do to protect yourself and/or others? 
Chapter 7:   Reporting a Scam 
Chapter 8:   Congratulations – You are now a Friend Against Scams 
Chapter 9:   If you would like to do more…
To access the free eLearning course visit https://www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/training/friends-elearning

White Ribbon – End Male Violence Against Women

White Ribbon have put together a survival kit for men under pressure during the coronavirus crisis which you can access via the link below. There is also an article from a White Ribbon Ambassador who gives his view on ending the virus of male violence against women.

During the coronavirus crisis, many in lockdown are feeling isolated, stressed out and under pressure. This survival kit has been developed by various European organisations who work with men and boys. Please share this with someone who may need it. Survival Kit for Men Under Pressure

It’s hard to find any silver lining in the Covid-19 pandemic which is affecting so many people in the UK and the rest of the world, but one glimmer might be that it’s shaking up our ‘normal’ view of the world; encouraging us to reflect on many things that we’d prefer not to think about and bringing home the reality that we live in a very fragile and interdependent world. For more information visit the White Ribbon website here

Online radicalisation during COVID-19

The following Counter Terrorism Policing content will be used from now and throughout May (initially) with a link to the COVID-19 situation

Please could we ask that you show your supports via retweets/shares on social media accounts. You can also adapt the communication toolkits (resources below) for your own purpose.

The toolkit includes a video which you can access here

You can view and download the Press Release for the online radicalisation during COVID-19 campaign here
You can also use this as website content when promoting the campaign on your organisation websites

Online platforms can be used to exploit vulnerable people that is why we are encouraging partners, organisations and communities to spread awareness via the social media channels. You can view the template messages to be shared on Twitter & Facebook here

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

The NHS have put together a Rapid Read guide that you can access here
The guide includes details of the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) that helps to identify victims of modern slavery and refers them to the organisations that can help them. For a link to both the NRM guide and the new digital form find please click here

Carers Resources

The carer’s emergency card identifies you as a carer if you have an accident or cannot identify yourself. It is the size of a credit card.
The scheme offers 24-hour emergency cover, so if anything happens to you while you are out or you are suddenly taken ill at home we will get in touch with your identified emergency contact(s) or take appropriate action.
Anyone over 18 who cares for someone in North Yorkshire can apply for a card.
For more information on how to register your card or to apply for a card please visit the North Yorkshire County Council website by clicking here

North Yorkshire wants to thank the many people across the County who are caring for family members and friends during the Covid-19 pandemic. Click here to view the video and statement from North Yorkshire County Council

Service Information

Inevitably during the Coronavirus outbreak there will be disruption to some services. Please see below for current service updates

IDAS have put together an information update to make people aware of the impact COVID-19 has had on their services along with frequently asked questions during self isolation. There is also advice for workers managing safety and risk during COVID-19. Please see the links below
IDAS Services – Information Update
IDAS – Advice for workers managing safety & risk
IDAS – Frequently asked questions during self isolation

North Yorkshire Horizons have also put together an information to update to make people aware of the impact COVID-19 has had on their services
NY Horizons – Information Update

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