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Keeping Safe Easy Read Guides

It is important that everyone has the information they need to be safe and feel safe. It is also a legal requirement under the Accessible Information Standard that people with a disability have information they can understand.

That is why the Safeguarding Adults Board worked with the North Yorkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board and Inclusion North to write some easy read books about ‘Keeping Safe’.

Self-advocates with a learning disability helped us think about the important issues people need to know to stay safe.  Working with Inclusion North and KeyRing, self-advocates decided on the best words and images to help people understand what to do.     

Together we have made three Keeping Safe books: 

The books are full of useful information for anyone interested in learning more about keeping safe and the work of the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board.  All the books are available for free. Print out a copy for yourself or to read with someone you know.

To download an Easy Read flyer about the books to share with people or put on your workplace wall, click here

Thank you to everyone who helped us make this book, especially self-advocates from the North Yorkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board, Rebecca Cole from Inclusion North and KeyRing Support Services.

Keeping Safe – Audio Guides

Audio versions are now available of the Keeping Safe guides

  1. Book 1 – What is Abuse is about different types of abuse that can happen. Click here to listen to Book 1
  2. Book 2 – Speaking up about Abuse is about telling someone about abuse that is happening. Click here to listen to Book 2
  3. Book 3 – Reporting Abuse is about making a report to the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board. Click here to listen to Book 3

A Keeping Safe activity pack for use with the guides is also available. Click the links below to download each activity.

Keeping Safe Welcome Letter

Keeping Safe Questions – Your Top Tips

Keeping Safe – True or False

Hate and mate crime wordsearch

Safeguarding wordsearch

Internet safety wordearch

Other easy read guides and resources

What is domestic abuse?

An easy read guide from IDAS telling you what domestic abuse is and how you can get help is available to download from our website. Click here to view the guide

What is misogyny?

An easy read guide has been developed to tell you what misogyny is, examples of misogyny and how you can seek support and report it.

Click here to view the guide

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