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Adult safeguarding and homelessness – A briefing on Positive Practice

The Care and Health Improvement Programme (CHIP) funded by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and delivered by the Local Government Association (LGA) in association with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) has a national workstream on safeguarding adults and homelessness.

This is an important piece of work and from this Adult safeguarding and homelessness – A briefing on Positive Practice has been produced.

Eight webinars took place and informed the development of the Positive Practice briefing. These webinars were held virtually as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the webinars explicitly focused on responses during the pandemic to safeguarding people experiencing homelessness and all of the webinar presenters were conscious of the implications of this context.

The available learning is pulled together in the section ‘Learning lessons from the response to the pandemic.’ Doubtless, more learning will emerge as research projects report and as personal testimonies emerge from people with lived experience and from practitioners working with them. The briefing ends with a conclusion that emphasises the importance of learning lessons from the pandemic, namely retaining what has worked effectively in safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of people experiencing homelessness, rather than returning unreflectively to previous policies and practice. The final section, ‘Resources’ lists some useful references.

Click on the menu below to access the recording of the webinars and / or presentations.

Presenters: Professor Michael Preston-Shoot and Bruno Ornelas
This webinar was held on 17th December 2020

Presenters: Gill Taylor and Rebecca Pritchard
This webinar was held on 13th January 2021

Presenters: Kay Shorten and Lydia Guthrie
This webinar was held on 18th January 2021

Presenters: Susan Harrison, Atara Fridler, Laurence Coaker and Stephen Parkin
This webinar was held on 25th January 2021

Presenters: Professor Michael Preston-Shoot, Laura Pritchard-Jones and Henry St Clair Miller
This webinar was held on 15th February 2021

Presenters: Jane Cook, Professor Adi Cooper and Professor Michael Preston Shoot
This webinar was held on 23rd February 2021

Safeguarding vulnerable dependent drinkers
A presentation from Mike Ward, Senior Consultant, Alcohol Change

Identifying challenges and training needs
A presentation from Barney Wells, Director, Enabling Assessment Service London

Creative safeguarding for people with multiple disadvantage
A presentation from Aileen Edwards, Chief Executive, Second Step Alison Comley, Independent Chair, Bristol Creative Solutions Board and Alison Comley, Independent Chair, Bristol Creative Solutions Board

Presenters: Carl Price, Jason, John, Kinga and Tom (Independent Futures) and Claire Barcham
This webinar was held on 8th March 2021

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