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Mental Health Awareness Week – Kindness Matters

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, the 2020 Mental Health Awareness Week has a theme of kindness.

In a time when many are struggling with the changes that have been made to our every day lives it is only natural that

Although this pandemic has restricted us it has also highlighted just how kind people can be and how kindness can make a great difference to people.

To find out why the Mental Health Foundation chose kindness as a theme, you can read their blog here

There’s also lots of resources available on their website to share throughout the campaign this week which you can find here

As well Kindness Stories, a Kindness Guide and lots of other really useful information on the Mental Health Foundation website

Although we are highlighting kindness and mental wellbeing throughout Mental Health Awareness Week it is important that the conversations continue beyond May 24th and that we continue to look after our mental health and look out for each other.

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