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Calendar of Activity

The Calendar or Activity brings together the Joint Partnership Campaigns of the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (NYSCP), the North Yorkshire Community Safety Partnership (NYCSP) and the North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board (NYSAB) as well as existing campaigns and awareness days which the partnerships will support. It also includes individual Board and Partnership activity. It is also important to note that the calendar will be added to and updated throughout the year.

The Calendar of Activity can be found here and more information about the campaigns can be found below.

Board and Partnership Campaigns

These are ongoing campaigns and activities which are led by one of the Partnerships and supported by the others. We have included links to resources and information which we ask tare shared throughout organisations, communities and networks

Existing Campaigns / Awareness Days

The existing campaigns / awareness days in the calendar of activity may be existing local or national awareness days or campaigns that are led by partners of the Board and Partnerships.

For those campaigns that are led by partners, we will share a link to the resources that have been developed and ask for our support in sharing these throughout your communities and networks

For local and national awareness days, please you the existing resources listed in the calendar and share via your social media and online platforms.

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