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North Yorkshire Safeguarding Adults Board (NYSAB) and North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board (NYSCB) are statutory bodies that bring together a number of agencies across North Yorkshire to ensure joined up approaches to safeguarding. We coordinate and ensure effective safeguarding and promote the wellbeing and welfare of adults, children, young people and families,and protect them from harm.

To meet our overarching priority of being assured that safeguarding is effective in North Yorkshire, both Boards have ambitious plans for continuous improvement, supporting our Independent Chairs and partners to challenge and scrutinise safeguarding activity.

Everyone has a right to live a life from risk of abuse and neglect. In North Yorkshire we have zero tolerance to all forms of abuse. It is important that, if people are worried about the safety of themselves or someone else, they know how to get help.

Whilst the two Boards are independent of each other, we share many partners, and recognise the need for a joined-up ‘think family’ approach to reaching the highest standard of safeguarding for everybody in North Yorkshire. We are working closely to develop strategic plans that recognise and complement each other. Board Members and colleagues within the many services and agencies who work with children or adults know, from both national and local learning, that too often services are seen separately, with organisations working in silos. We know there are certain areas where services need to work more closely to provide the best possible integrated support for children, young people, adults and families, including when young people with additional needs or difficulties move from children’s to adults’ services.

The Boards also have a role to promote greater public awareness of the entitlement of every child or adult to feel safe at home, school and in the community, and to be treated with respect by all those who offer them support or work with them. Safeguarding is Everybody’s Business. We all have a part to play in preventing, identifying and reporting neglect and abuse of children and adults, so we are not dealing with crises, but helping them to be safe and well. One way we deliver this is through a joint Safeguarding Week, with events for staff who work with adults and children, and awareness raising sessions for the public in local communities. We have also recently launched a new joint website as the focal point for all safeguarding information relating to adults and children for both North Yorkshire residents and people who work with adults and children. More information can be found here https://safeguardingny.co.uk/
Partners also work together when there is a crisis, or a child or adult is clearly at risk, in danger, or suffering harm. We all have a role. So, if you think there is immediate risk of significant harm to someone, contact North Yorkshire Police on 999.
To report a Safeguarding concern, please call the Contact Resolution Centre on 01609 780780.

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